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Shakespeare Lab

Whether you are intimidated by Shakespeare and want to dip into the text for the first time, or you need a brush up immersion into the depth of Shakespeare's plays, this weekend Lab intensive is for you. Amy Hayes brings her years as an acting teacher, director, and actor to this Lab, with a special emphasis on physically embodying the language, clarity of thought and feeling, and personal connection to the text.

Location TBA • $100 • Instructor: Amy Hayes

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Headshot & Resume Workshop

This one day workshop will teach you all about the "business" side of being an actor, including how to develop an "acting resume." It is intended for actors looking to work either locally or nationally and in either film or theatre. It also includes a private headshot photo session. Participants will receive digital copies of their top five headshot images as well as ten physical prints (more prints may ordered for an additional charge.)

Location TBA • $100 • Instructor: Callie Hartz


Monologue Lab

Both the MWTA and SETC have reduced their audition times to 1:30–that's a very, VERY short amount of time to put your best foot forward. "Local only" actors can skate by on cold readings, but artists looking for broader exposure, and who want to make the next step in their professional preparation, need the normal "2 contrasting monologues." This course, in conjunction with the headshot/resume workshop, is part of Wisdom Tooth's commitment to help local theater artist take the "next step" in their careers. This weekend-long intensive with 20+ year acting coach Ronn Johnston, will focus on close, dynamic moment-to-moment coaching and movement work for your audition monologues, preparing you to give performance-quality work at a moment's notice. Participants are required to bring in two contrasting monologues memorized. 2 day workshop. Local casting directors are invited to give feedback at the workshop final.

Location TBA • $100 • Instructor: Ronn Johnstone


Summer Acting & Performance:

Wisdom Tooth's classes primarily focus on technique and the importance of collaboration. Students will learn character development and audition technique as the build their confidence through games and exercises. A "Student Showcase" concludes each week.

Grafton Peek Ballroom 171 S. Madison Avenue, Greenwood, IN 46142 • ages: 10–18 • $150 • sibling discounts available • Limited spaced available

Instructor: Callie Hartz


Playwrighting Lab

Guest artist, Jess Shoemaker, is offering a one day playwriting workshop aimed to unlock the potential playwright in any theatre artists. This workshop is perfect for anyone who has ever felt daunted by the idea of getting an idea out their head and onto the stage in a fully produced production. Jess will solidify your understanding of dramatic structure and storytelling elements, give you specific processes for idea generation and development, but most importantly she'll help you create a framework to actually put your ideas into action.

Each and every participant will leave with some knowledge (obviously!) as well as something they've created. Most importantly, they will leave with a specific, actionable, plan to keep creating and get their creation staged. Come play!

$100 • at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre

Instructor: Jess Shoemaker


Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project is the resident theatre company of the IndyFringe Basile Theatre located in Indianapolis, IN. Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project produces professional productions that seek to provoke social awareness, ethical courage, and true imagination while providing an intersection for emerging and established theatre professionals and creating a dynamic training ground for performing artists. Along with a full season of thought-provoking and moving productions, Wisdom Tooth also produces additional performance series and participates in and hosts a number of performance-related special events in the Indianapolis area. In addition to performance, Widsom Tooth offers a series of classes (Labs) focussing on developing the performance and practical skills of working actors. Labs are taught by three of Wisdom Tooth's teaching artists. All of Wisdom Tooth's teaching artists are available for private coaching upon request. Learn more about our teaching artists and Wisdom Tooth's mission

Resident of
IndyFringe Basile Theatre

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  • Ronn Johnstone

    Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Ronn studied and worked the LA theatre circuit until 1991, when he moved to New York to pursue graduate studies. In 1993 he began teaching, finally ending up as the Chair of Anderson University Theatre (1995-2014). Known primarily as an actor, he is a graduate of the School at Steppenwolf, is a veteran of the stage, and has over 30 directing credits to his name. Ronn has worked at The Phoenix, ERT, TOTS, Comedy Sportz, The Bonderman Festival w/IRT, Arden, AUP and Indy Fringe. He is currently Producing Artistic Director of Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project where he teaches a clean, concise, and usable method that can bring an actor from idea to performance, enabling them to approach any role with confidence and insight.

    If I was in a training program, I would hope I'd be lucky enough to be in one with Ronn. Bryan Fonseca
  • Amy Hayes

    Since she was a young child, Amy Hayes has been performing for live audiences, singing on radio jingles, and recording in the studio. She studied acting at Interlochen Center for the Arts, received her B.A. in Theatre and English from Vanderbilt University, and her MFA in Acting from the University of Nebraska. She continues to study at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA and dance any chance she gets. She has been directing and teaching acting and Shakespeare courses at DePauw and other universities for twenty years.

    Watching Amy Hayes onstage is to discover why acting is–and always has been–the art form of our humanity. Watching her teach is to stumble upon a master class in being a human being. Kevin G. Coleman–Co-Founder and Director of Education Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, MA
  • Callie Hartz

    Callie Hartz is an Indiana native who has been acting since childhood. She holds a BFA in theatre and has worked continuously on stage, in film, as an improv artist, a stand-up comedian, and voice actor across North America. She has collaborated with Julliard and NYU and currently teaches at IUPUI and for the Indiana Repetory Theater. Her classes and workshops with Wisdom Tooth provide actors with training on the practical side of living and working as a professional actor.

    Callie takes a practical approach to acting and theatre. She is well-vetted in the industry and applies her knowledge and experience to the classroom. Callie gives you the tools to succeed in acting, and shows you how you can apply them to every day life. Kayla Duerson